Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extension Full Set  

       A Full-set is the most luscious way to enjoy your lash enhancement. Synthetic lashes are applied to as many healthy lashes that are available on your upper eyelids. Designed to compliment your natural beauty by creating a more full-look to your eyes and provide length to your lashes.This look opens up your facial features and makes people notice that extra special something about you, without knowing exactly what it is!!! Different lengths and thickness are combined to achieve a bold, but natural look so no one has to know your lash secret (2 hours)



Eyelash Extension Fill (50% or more of your eyelashes are still applied)

       Just like hair on our head, eyelashes grow and shed. Eyelashes are on different growth cycles. So, as eyelashes are maturing, others are beginning to grow and some are in the process of falling out. It is typical to shed between 1-5 eyelashes per day, depending on individual growth cycles. Therefore, in order to maintain your luscious lashes, a fill is necessary every 2-3 weeks.(1 hour)